about andre the artist
American-born cartoonist & animator, with 20+ years experience. 
Specializes in political cartoons, children's book illustration, character creation, cartoon logos, and 2D animation. Neo-classical look mixed in with modern edginess. Think Tex Avery/Calvin & Hobbes. Works mainly in Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and on occasion 3D programs.
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"The quality of your delivery is impressive and stimulating. The quality of your presentation of those ideas and the girth the versions you covered... is exciting and validates our decision to engage you specifically."
-Lorne Lanning, internationally acclaimed video game designer
(OddWorld Inhabitants)

"As the Co-Founder and VP Consulting of LearningDrip, a French company aiming to explain in a simple and fun way new and innovative concepts to professionals, whatever their language or their culture, I wanted to have several drawings to illustrate some of those concepts. Andrew was the right person for that challenging task. His ability to understand quickly what we wanted (even when working remotely), his capacity to translate a complex and abstract concept into a drawing, and his promptness to deliver the drawings are among his main assets.
The drawings have been very appreciated by our target. We strongly recommend him and will be looking to work again with him on future projects."
-Frédéric Bouchez, Co-Founder, Learning Drip Technologies

"I just have to say you are amazing!! I wish I met you earlier!! Those graphics are just incredible!! You are beyond any graphic artist I have met! Thank you so much.
I love all of the images, every one of them. The detail is just amazing."
-Dave Tessitore, Dashy Apps

"Andre was a pleasure to work with. He is able to take an idea and run with it with minimal guidance. He works fast, diligently and his illustrations are of great quality and capture the concept beautifully. We look forward working with Andre again and I recommend him for anyone's illustration, cartooning or design needs."
-Vital Findings, Los Angeles
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